5 months old baby stopped breathing

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5 months old baby stopped breathing 
Apr 2014 

To God be the glory for the healing of my grand-daughter of 5 months old. During Tuesday night prayer meeting my son texted me to say he was taking  my grand-daughter to A & E  as she had stopped breathing for a few seconds and he was concerned about her. When my son arrived home from the hospital Pastor Owen said, call your son and let us pray for his daughter. Pastor prayed for her over the phone rebuking the spirit of death over her life in Jesus’ name. After He prayed my son confirmed that at that moment my grand-daughter was breathing much better and that she looked very peaceful. I called my son early the following morning; he said his daughter has had the best sleep ever!!! Praise God! for His healing power. A miracle had happened that night. My grand-daughter is now growing and thriving extremely well!  Join me in praising God for healing my grand-daughter. Amen.

From Sis .Ursula Wyatt

Apostle Owen

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