Disciple and Discipleship

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Discipleship and Disciple
Discipleship TUESDAY – Fellowship Meeting

About Discipleship for Christ, we have been studying the Word of God and researching discipleship, what it really means to be a disciple.

Discipleship is the process by which the disciple learns the way of is master; discipleship is about equipping you to serve your Master. Become a disciple of Christ by joining Discipleship for Christ and you will experience growth.

So, what does it mean to be a disciple?

The Word of God shows us that a disciple is a follower of Christ.

If you were to meet someone today and they said that they were a Christian, how could you tell that they really were?

The Bible says that “by their fruits we shall know them.”

Let’s look at some of the qualities that the Bible shows us about being a disciple…

  1. For a disciple of Christ, Christ must be first, above all others and above all things, no other gods before Him.
  2. A disciple is one who’s life is trained and disciplined (but not regimental) in the ways of God.
  3. A disciple is teachable, humble and ready to learn (even if they think, they already know the lesson).
  4. A disciple has an ability to hear from God and listen to God.
  5. A disciple follows and accepts the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  6. A disciple learns to apply instructions.
  7. A disciple is humble and not proud.
  8. When we recognize that everything we have comes from the Lord and not our own hands, then we are beginning to get humble, as we can do nothing without Him. We have nothing that He didn’t give to us.
  9. A disciple is always learning and growing (doesn’t know it all).
  10. A disciple is a doer of the word and not a hearer only.
  11. A disciple is not just a believer, as devils also believe, but their life shows their faith in Christ.
  12. A disciple spends time with Christ, praying, singing, praising, worshiping, adoring and building a relationship with Christ, like falling in love with Him again.
  13. A disciple must seek God’s will and not his own (deny himself).
  14. A disciple’s life is not conformed to this world, nor the ways of this world, but dedicated to Christ.
  15. A disciple places a high importance on God’s work, His instructions and whatever He tells you to do. The disciples left their fishing boats and followed Jesus, immediately. They didn’t hang about, dilly-dallying.
  16. Jesus says that if anyone wants to be his disciple, he must first deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow Him.
  17. A disciple learns to be obedient, learns to do what they are told, even if they don’t like the instructions.
  18. As a disciple, Jesus is our Friend, but we must first learn to see Him as Master and Lord, simply because familiarity breeds contempt. It’s about reverence and respect.
  19. Being a disciple is a choice.
  20. A disciple must change – God challenges us to change, because He loves us and wants to see us do well.
  21. A spirit of excellence can be obtained, through being a disciple of Jesus Christ, as He does all things well and as His ambassadors, we are to obtain a spirit of excellence.
  22. As a disciple, your time belongs to God, in fact everything you have belongs to God.
  23. A disciple must be willing to serve, be submissive to God and the authorities which He places over you.
  24. A disciple must not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  25. Jesus says “if you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed.
  26. A true disciple of Christ must have a good attitude – guard your heart, for out of it are the issues of life.

This list is by no means completed, but this is just a summary of what we learnt so far.

Being a disciple of Christ has a high price, that’s why we are told to “count the cost.”

It is a high price, but it is a good price. The rewards are even greater.

We are called to discipleship in order to be a good disciple of Christ Jesus.

Well as we come to the end of this blog, may you be challenged to change, encouraged, uplifted and blessed as you receive God’s word. God’s word will always work for you, if you are willing and obedient to it.

Become a good disciple by joining the discipleship of Christ Jesus.

God bless, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Sis Joyce.

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