Saving Lives Matters

Saving lives matters diverse people

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Saving Lives Matters.

Saving Lives, vital information about the Covid-19 and Vaccines. Please think for yourselves and help other to do the same by sharing. 

God revealed to me about over 2 years ago, that they was a plan to kill millions and billions of people. Because they say, the world is over populated,

So here is some vital information for us to consider. Remember its your life and your body and it’s your soul that is at stake.  No one has the right to force, manipulate or intimidate anyone to take or put anything into your body. Did you know, that many of them that are telling you to take the vaccine. Are getting money for it, including doctors, pastors and politician.

Saving lives matters, that means your life, my life our loved ones, friends and neighbours.

Stay safe and keep your distance, from that which as not been proven safe! Saving Lives Matters.

Do you really want to take a pill or a vaccine? and those that are behind it, stand to make lots of money and if anything happens to you or your loves, they are not Liable.

I can only ask you to think about it, your life matters.

If any of the information as helped you, please consider sharing, subscribing and donating.

From Minister Owen a servant of Jesus Christ.
May God Bless Us All. 


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