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Testimony of Healing.

Testimonies of Jesus Christ as healer and still healing today.

Testimony of healing and breakthrough, you or someone you know could be next in line. Here are a few testimonies of healing and breakthrough. Testimonies is a great way, to share how good God has been to you.

It also to shows that Jesus is real and alive, because the healing and deliverance is done by the power of His name. Sharing also builds your faith and the faith of others to receive. So then if Jesus is alive, then the testimonies of heaven and hell, from Jesus is also real. Jesus wants you to be healed, of your pain and afflictions, but He wants your soul, to be saved from hell a whole lot more. Why not ask Him to forgive you of your sin and invite Him to be Lord of your life.

When we pray for you remember to share your testimony. Give Glory to God and honour His Ministers. 1 Timothy 5:17 KJV: Let the elders that rule well, be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

God bless you.

All Glory belongs to God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son!!

Exodus 15:26. (God) said “If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God, and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.”

Testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Unbearable pain due to a nerve exposed.

I had unbearable pain due to a nerve exposed on one of my back teeth after I had some dental work. I thought oh no I will have to go back to the dentist as the pain was so bad I wouldn’t let anything touch it. I couldn’t brush or put toothpaste on it. The following morning Minister Owen called me and I told him what happened. He said lets pray and prayed over my condition. I sensed a shift that my gum around the tooth was closed but in my mind I was still remembering the excruciating pain and wouldn’t let anything go near it.

The next morning when I woke up I brushed over the gum it was as if my mind had also received healing over the pain and praise God no pain what so ever completely healed and ever since I’ve not needed to go back to dentist and everything is perfect. I can only say God bless you Minister Owen for being so steadfast in your Faith in Jesus and thinking about me and calling me. God bless you and keep you I give God thanks for you. 😊🙏🏽

From Joann W.


In the year 2021 a young Man and woman, had trouble placing their child at a nearby school.  They had three children,  one child was placed at a school near their home and the other two children were placed at schools far away. The couple contacted the school which was near their home to see if their child could get a place. They were put on a waiting list.

There were 240 children in from of them, and were told that it would probably be July 2022 before they could even look at their case again. So, they asked Pastor Owen if he would pray for them. He said to them “Do not worry. What is impossible with man is possible with God, for with God all things are possible.” So, he prayed and asked the Lord to make a way for them. Before the week was ended, the parents received a phone call from the school, asking them to visit the school with their child, for induction.

Then a place was offered to their child to start at the school within the next couple of weeks. Praise God! What is impossible with man, is possible with God, for with God all things are possible. There are no limits to what He can do. The Lord is good! Amen.  Similarly the Lord also provided a place for the youngest child to attend in a nearby nursery.

So, all three children were based at schools nearby to their homes.Praise God! With God all things are possible. The Lord is good!

Testimony – Broken bones restored.

Testimony – One night as I was walking home with my wife. I met a young man I know by the name of Paul. He had injured his hand due to punching a guy. That he seen beating on a woman. And so he stepped in to defend her. Which resulted in more trouble for him. He hand was swollen and turning blue. Because he had broken his bone in his hand. I offered to pray for him and prayed in the name of Jesus for his bones to come back together and be healed. After I pray for him I asked him if he felt anything.

He said yes! I felt my bones moving. Some days later I saw him again and asked him how his hand was doing. He said that he had been to the doctors and they had wanted to re-set his arm, but they couldn’t because it had already been fused together. Praise God for His healing power. Jesus heals today.

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies – Healing from blistered fingers.

Greetings Pastor

To God be the glory!

I want to testify to the healing power that is in the name of Jesus.
It was a Sunday morning, when I was just about to leave my home for church service. I went over to a scented candle that I had lit earlier; I picked up the glass candle holder and immediately dropped it as it was extremely hot. The pain to my two middle fingers was excruciating. I quickly ran it under the cold tap for a few minutes but didn’t want to be late for church. I jumped into my car but could hardly drive myself to church as the pain was so great.

When I got to church we were just about to start praying, when Pastor Owen noticed that I was in pain. He said come here let us pray for you. He looked at my fingers and noticed they had started to blister. At that time I was in a lot of pain and could hardly concentrate.  As Pastor Owen prayed in the name of Jesus for my healing, the pain got less and less. During praise and worship I was clapping my hands and throwing my hands up in the air praising God, pain free!!!  To God be the glory!

When I woke the next morning I looked at my fingers and began to squeezing them very hard, no pain whatsoever. Where there should have been blisters, my skin was just smooth!!  Please join me to praise God for His healing power.

From Ursula Wyatt.

Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – The spoken word.

A woman once ask me to pray for her son back home in Africa, but I did not pray, but I gave her an instruction like the prophet Elisha and Naaman. Within two weeks the situation had turn around just like the word I gave her. It could be you next! To Jesus belongs all the glory!!

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies – Five months old baby stopped breathing.

To God be the glory for the healing of my grand-daughter of 5 months old. During Tuesday night prayer meeting my son texted me to say he was taking  my grand-daughter to A & E  as she had stopped breathing for a few seconds and he was concerned about her. When my son arrived home from the hospital Pastor Owen said, call your son and let us pray for his daughter.

Pastor prayed for her over the phone rebuking the spirit of death over her life in Jesus’ name. After He prayed my son confirmed that at that moment my grand-daughter was breathing much better and that she looked very peaceful. I called my son early the following morning; he said his daughter has had the best sleep ever!!! Praise God! for His healing power. A miracle had happened that night. My grand-daughter is now growing and thriving extremely well!  Join me in praising God for healing my grand-daughter. Amen.

From Ursula Wyatt.

Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – God is everywhere at the same time.

A sister in the Lord from Manchester asked me to pray for her sister over three thousand miles away in Africa. She was having pains in her chest for a while and could not sleep. So I spoke to her sister on the phone for a short time, then I prayed for her and commanded the sickness to go in the name of Jesus. The pain in her chest left immediately by the power of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

Jesus said; “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. (John 14:12).

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – Pain gone in the presence of Jesus. 

I was leaving my house in November I fell down hurt my right foot, I was in a lot of pain could not keep it straight, because of the pain. I continued to go to work all day, believing in faith that the word of the lord says that by his stripes we are healed. I left work still not able to walk straight with my foot went to Pastor Owen and Joyce’s for fellowship we had a time of pray the presence of the lord was there and I was healed at Pastor Owen’s by the lord Jesus. He did not know my problem, but the presence of the Lord was there.
The pain had gone and I was able to walk normal, still had a slight swelling on my foot, but the pain was gone praise the lord.

From Stephen Grundy.

Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies – Muslim Man Healed in Jesus’ Name.

I was out one day all day witnessing to people. It was a lovely sunny day. Now It started to get dark. I said to the Lord I’m going home now. It had been a good day witnessing to people even Muslims, but I was expecting a bit more to happen. No-one got healed or accepted Jesus as Lord and Personal Saviour, but the Lord told me to carry on.

So I did, as I continued walking I saw two Asian young men across the road, I shouted to them Jesus loves you! As they came over the road towards me, I noticed that one of them had blood all over his hands. When I looked at his hands I saw that he had a cut, which seemed to be wide as though he had cut it on glass.

I told them that Jesus loves them and that Jesus is Lord. I said to the young man, whose finger was cut, that Jesus is alive and is able to heal him. The other young man laughed. I said I can pray for you calling on the Father in the Name of Jesus and you will be healed, because Jesus is the Way, (not Mohammed) and Jesus is the Truth and the Life, and He is the One that we must follow, for He is the Son of God, and he is coming back for those who follow Him.

I said; Jesus died for us (not Mohammed) and rose again and now is seated at the right hand of the Father, and all power is given to Him in heaven, in earth and under the earth and Jesus is watching us right now. So I said would you like me to pray for you and he said yes.

I prayed a short prayer for him in the name of Jesus. When I finished praying the Holy Spirit said to me very clearly say you are healed now; and as I said it immediately the cut closed up. In amazement the young man kept squeezing but no blood could come out, because the cut was totally closed up. And his friend that was laughing, laughed no more.

Glory be to God for Jesus does all things well.

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – God answers prayer.

Hi brothers and sisters.
I thank God for my sisters job and my daughters healing. Pastor Owen prayed for my sister who was jobless in America and she found the job the same week. My daughter was healed after being prayed for by the same minister and it was instant healing. I thank God for the man of God. May the good Lord bless him.

To God be the glory hallelujah.
From Stella.

To Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – Woman gets choice of 3 jobs (Mavis).

I was ministering over in Manchester (Summer 2011) and a woman asked me to pray for her. She was about to lose her job because the place where she was working was being closed down. She was in her sixties and England being in a time of recession made things more difficult. She was very troubled that she might not get another job due to her age and also the recession, so she came and asked me to pray for her.

I prayed for her and within a week she was given the choice of 3 jobs. Then she was confused about which one to pick. So I prayed for her again and the following week, the decision was made for one job. She had to move out of town for the job, but she was very happy. God can do the same for you. Praise God!

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – Jumping on leg with pain.

I remember a Christian man came to me outside my home.

With pain in his leg and ask me to pray for him.

I have prayed for people and they have been healed, but in his case I was lead to tell him to pray for himself. When he had finished praying I told him to start jumping, so he did that a few time about 3-4 time and stop. So I asked him if the pain had gone, he said a bit, so I told him to jump until the pain goes. He did that and was able to walk free from the pain. To Jesus belongs all the Glory.

Many of God’s people are not getting the blessings that God wants them to have, because they do not obey. I have seen this time and time again, but those who obey get blessed.

If you will obey, your life will turn around for good, as sure as Jesus is alive.

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – Woman healed of neck pain (Yvonne).

I was at a funeral in October 2011 and was talking to a woman at the reception after the service. After talking to her for a while I realised that she had a problem with her neck, so I asked her what was wrong. She said that she was in pain and that she had difficulty turning her neck. I then began to share testimonies with her in order to build her faith, so that she could receive from the Lord. After sharing testimonies with her I said let us pray.

So I laid my hands over her hands and prayed for her. When I finished praying for her she began moving her head and neck around and all the pain had gone. She lifted up her hands and began to bless the name of the Lord. Jesus is the name above all names. You also, who are reading these testimonies, can be healed by God in the power of the name of Jesus.

Yvonne M

Minister Owen.

Testimony – Longing For A Child.

I was attending a local Pentecostal church some years ago.
Each time I visited this church, I noticed a woman looking very down.
I would go home and pray for her. This happened a few times.
Sometimes she would be there with her husband and sometimes, by herself.

One day, I was sat in the Sunday service and seeing this woman with a sad countenance
I said to the Lord this is not right – she’s coming to the church sad and leaving sad.
I could not bear it any longer. When the service had finished I called her aside and asked her what was making her so sad. She told me that she was without child and wanted children. I said the Lord will change your situation and you will have children. The last time I saw her she had three children.

This testimony is to the Glory God in the name of Jesus.

From Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

Testimony – I can see.

Prayed for an elderly lady who when to get her eyes checked.
In one eye she could only see a shadow if a person was standing about 3 or 4 feet way
I prayed for her and she saw a flash of light. She when back to the hospital the following week and she was able to see the white card with the letter Q on it. This she could not do just last week. To Jesus the Son of God be the Glory.

From Minister Owen A Servant of Jesus Christ.

These testimonies declare the goodness of Jesus Christ. And that He is alive and that He is the Son of God. What He has done for others He can do the same for you today. Sow a seed today.

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