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Saving lives matters diverse people
Saving Lives Matters. Saving Lives, vital information about the Covid-19 and Vaccines. Please think for yourselves and help other to do the same by sharing.  God revealed to me about over 2 years ago, that they was a plan to kill millions and billions of people. Because they say, the world is over populated, So […]

Saving Lives Matters

Coronavirus covid 19 Vaccine watch out
Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19. About the Coronavirus Vaccine Covid-19, there is a great deal of information that is spreading about out there. While some have been blocked by the big news media and big social media, it is wise to listen to other sources of information, and then think for yourself. If it does not […]

Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19

Destructive plans against humanity. Destructive plans, against humanity and against you as a Christian. Destructive plans: Plans of the evil one. Wake up people, wake up Church. More informative videos

Destructive plans against humanity

Christian eBooks  Christian ebooks for growing in your Christian faith. These Christian eBooks are books about the Bible or the Christian life. Millions of authors have published works about their understanding and interpretations of the Bible, however we are looking for the right spiritual interpretation, and how to apply the Bible to everyday life. Millions […]

Christian eBooks For Growing In Your Christian Faith

Converted from Islam to Christianity. Nissar Hussain.  Converted form Islam to Christianity. Many of them that have converted form Islam to Christianity. Are being persecuted. By their own families that remain Muslims. And other members of Islam. The Muslim parents cut off the Son or daughter. Grandchildren and anyone else that convert from Islam. The question […]

Converted from Islam to Christianity – Nissar Hussain

Tyrenne Mason Hawkins. Tyrenne Mason Hawkins went missing. On 18 Wednesday November 2015. Police officers and family members. Are growing increasingly concerned for Tyrenne Hawkins. Police are appealing for help to find a teenage girl who is missing from Fulham . 15-year-old Tyrenne Mason-Hawkins, was last seen on the morning on Wednesday, November 18. She has […]

Tyrenne Mason Hawkins – Missing Tyrenne Mason Hawkins

Nigeria Rescues Nearly 300 Women and Girls
Nigeria Rescues about 300 Women and Girls Nigeria Rescues Nearly 300 Women and Girls; Still No Sign of Chibok Girls The Nigerian military have reported that they rescued 300 women and girls from the terrorist group Boko Haram during a raid on one of the group’s strongholds in the Borno State of northern Nigeria. The only disappointing news about […]

Nigeria Rescues about 300 Women and Girls

Christians, Muslims and the cross of Jesus
Jesus Loves Muslims And Christians. Muslims and Christians there is only one God. He is the maker of all flesh. God is Love, Satan is hate, God gives Life Satan takes Life. Jesus Action Speak Clear. Jesus Loves Muslims and Christians. This Will Change Your View of Islam. Ex-Hezbollah Iranian Muslim Saw Jesus. Truly God is […]

Jesus Loves Muslims And Christians | There Is Only One ...

The Salvation Army has joined the World Evangelical The Salvation Army has joined the World Evangelical Alliance in calling on Americans to pray for the Middle East. Both groups say Christians are suffering throughout the region and desperately need our prayers and action as they face ongoing violence and death. “The shedding of blood of […]

The Salvation Army has joined the World Evangelical

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim was arrested for a second time. Sources told BBC that Ibrahim was taken into custody Tuesday at the Khartoum airport. Her husband, Daniel Wani, and two children were allegedly with her. On Monday, Wani announced that the family intended to go to the United States. Ibrahim was freed from prison Monday after spending […]

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim has been freed

Sudanese authorities are to free a woman who was sentenced to death for having abandoned the Islamic faith, a foreign ministry official says. Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth to a daughter in custody, will be freed in a few days, the official told the BBC. Abdullahi Alzareg, an under-secretary at the foreign ministry, said Sudan […]

Sudanese authorities are to free a woman who was sentenced ...

5 months old baby stopped breathing  Apr 2014  To God be the glory for the healing of my grand-daughter of 5 months old. During Tuesday night prayer meeting my son texted me to say he was taking  my grand-daughter to A & E  as she had stopped breathing for a few seconds and he was concerned about her. […]

5 months old baby stopped breathing