Doctrines Teachings Of Islam Absolute Contradiction To The Gospel

Doctrines Teachings of Islam

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Doctrines Teachings of Islam

Are In Absolute Contradiction To The Gospel.

Doctrines Teachings of Islam Video.

Doctrines Teachings of Islam, are in absolute contradiction. To the Gospel and the Bible. There is only one true God. He has made us all. He is a God of love. He loves you and He loves me. There only one true religion, and only one true God.

Doctrines and Teachings of Islam Are In Absolute Contradiction To The Gospel. Listen to Ex-Muslim Sam Solomon .

Doctrines Teachings of Islam.

Satan is a god but he is not the true God. He is a lair and a murderer. He has always wanted the place of God. Satan has deceive Billions of people, into worshipping and following him, and not to worship true God. Making himself out to be the true God, and knowing very well that all who follow him will end up in the Lake of Fire, where he will also end up for eternity.

If you follow the true God, you will be with Him for eternity. Allah is not who he make himself out to be. Watch Doctrines And Teachings of Islam, and other videos.

Satan convince one third of the Angels to follow him and most of the people in the world.

Doctrines Teachings of Islam.

Watch these Christian Media Josm Videos. to get some understanding of the True God. who is the God of Love. We all need to love and be loved. So how can anyone, serve or follow a God that has no love? We hope that by watching some of these videos. On Josm Christian Media channel. That you will come to know the truth about God. That the true God is a God of Love. So many people have rejected Him.

Doctrines Teachings of Islam.

For many years because they were misinformed. But this is your chance to think for yourself right now. Open your heart and mind. To hear what others have to say, so that you may be rightly informed. On the way you should go. And who you should follow and what you should do. Know good or bad teaching can ever take the place of real love. God is love. He loves you and He loves me. Is it right to hate someone that God loves. and then say we love God?

As you watch these videos. do it with a open heart and mind. as you seek for love, truth, and God. You find out that the Bible is true.

Doctrines Teachings of Islam.

When you watch these videos. You will be uplifted, inspired, elevated and informed. hopefully you will be moved to action. and in the right direction. for eternal life. and to help someone else find their way. while you are still here on earth. God bless you, hope you have a great day.

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