Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19

Coronavirus covid 19 Vaccine watch out

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Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19.

About the Coronavirus Vaccine Covid-19, there is a great deal of information that is spreading about out there. While some have been blocked by the big news media and big social media, it is wise to listen to other sources of information, and then think for yourself.

If it does not make sense to you, then you can pray and ask God for understanding that you may be able, to put together the different pieces of information that you are receiving, that you may know the truth and be set free.

Stay safe and keep your distance, from that which as not been proven safe! Saving Lives Matters.

There is a great number of people, who are saying not to take the vaccine: doctors, scientists, spiritual leaders and the average Joe that just want to know what is going on in the world today. While the governments are destroying people’s livelihoods, families and lives. They are also saying take the vaccine, that has not been tested properly. Some are even saying no vaccine, then no job and no flying.

Is there an evil agenda going on? I say yes.

See below for some information that was sent to me by people who are obviously troubled and very concerned about what is going on. Pray, listen and think for yourself. Talking to the right people is also helpful.

The main stream media is not helpful to us. They are giving us one sided news, that amounts to fake news. If we only listen to them, we are being brainwashed and they do not really care about us. We need to think for ourselves.

Coronavirus Vaccine Covid-19.

Coronavirus Vaccine developed by WHO, UN and EU nations. Which they want to use to infect Africans. The Coronavirus vaccine will be transported to Africa as a preventive treatment against Coronavirus Covid-19. But in reality it is not. The vaccine will be used to infect anyone who accepts it.

This has come in the wake of the fact that Africans are not being infected by Coronavirus as they thought it would.

Some are saying that on no account, should any black person, Africans or anyone else, should accept to be injected with this deadly vaccine. It has been reported that, after a nurse took the Coronavirus vaccine, she fell ill shortly afterwards. It has also been said that she died later on.

I have not seen it on main stream media, have you? But I have seen a video of a group of women and in the video, there is a woman (meant to be the nurse that has died). She is also wearing her name tag. She looks a little like her, but it is not her. It is a cover-up! Why would they do that if there is nothing wrong with her. You can watch the video below, while it’s still up. Many videos have already been moved from many sites.

What’s going on with Coronavirus, Covid19? It’s time to think for yourself.

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Vital Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine. Think for yourselves and help other to do the same by sharing. From Minister Owen a servant of Jesus Christ.
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