Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19

Coronavirus covid 19 Vaccine watch out

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Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19.

Coronavirus Vaccine Covid 19. There is a great deal of information that is spreading about out there. We have to listen to the information, think for ourselves and to pray God for wisdom that we may put together the different pieces of information that we are receiving, that we may know the truth. They are a number of people who are saying not to take the vaccine.

Before I heard any of this I said to myself “I will not take the Vaccine” I felt like there was something bad in it.

These are some info that was sent to me below. Pray, Listen and Think for yourself. Talking to the right people is also helpful.

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WHO, UN and EU nations have developed, a Corona virus vaccine which will be used to infect Africans.
The vaccine, will be transported to Africa, as a preventive treatment against Corona virus Covid 19. But in reality it is not. The vaccine will be used, to infect anyone who accepts it.
This has come in the wake, of the fact that Africans are not infected by Corona virus.
Pass on the message, that on no account should any black man or Africans. Should accept to be injected with this deadly vaccine.

WHO, UN and EU nations have been exposed.

Whats going on with Corona Virus covid19?

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